Doha College 5km Night Run

Thursday 3 April 2014

I only entered this race at the very last minute. Firstly because the start time was way too late, at 10 PM! Secondly, I still have to do a 30 km long run on Friday and thirdly I am competing in a super sprint Triathlon on Saturday.

It was a super busy week. But I was glad I did it. Almost every one from #Pelaristyloyo took part in the event, including my 7 months pregnant wife. So it wont be right for me as the club captain if I hadn't. My plan for the race was just to have fun and not beating myself up since I have an early start the next day  for my LSD. But a race is still a race. I ran 'comfortably' hard close to my 5 km PB pace. The course was out and back starting from the Aspire athletics track, round the football pitches on running track to the Dome and back. The wind was really strong at some sections. I was maintaining the 4th position from the start with the pace around 4:00/km. It was hard on the way back as I had to weave around the crowd coming from the opposite direction. For a long time I could hear the guy behind me panting hard. He was huffing and puffing clearly he tried very hard. I just maintained my effort without getting intimidated. I was still 4th until about 200 m from the finish line before being overtaken by him. The weird thing was, I just let him he deserved it. We congratulated each other after we crossed the finish line like true sportsmen.

I crossed the finish line in 20:17, but the course was 30 meter short. The reading on my watch was only 4.97 km and so I cant consider it as my new PB, but I was happy with my run since my average HR was only 176 bpm, a lot lower than a 5 km race effort. All my other friends did well too. All in all it was a fun night.

Race statistics
Time: 20:17
Pace: 4:06 min/km
Rank: 5th of 237 finishers
Ave HR: 176 bpm


RaYzeef said…
Congrats. Laju bebenor tu :)

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