Road to Edinburgh 2014: Week 8 Run #1 Interval

I have one more big race this season after RAK, Edinburgh Marathon. I registered for it after my ballot entry for London was unsuccessful (yet again).

I have started my training a week after RAK in a 14 weeks training plan based on Run Less Run Faster book. The training has been great so far. I have been focus on my training and stick with the plan until last weekend madness where I competed in a 5km race on Thursday evening (5th place overall), ran 25 km on Friday morning and competed in the Super Sprint Triathlon (which I won Silver).

So it really affected my training this evening. The plan was to run a 4 x 1200 m @ 3:50/km pace after warm up. But I was too tired to continue after the 3rd rep and my calves muscles sore. Clearly I have not recovered fully. So I called it a day.

Here how it looks on Strava.


Anonymous said…
ada rezeki boleh jumpa kat Edinburgh!! aku xla masuk marathon..cadang masuk 10k..5k dah penuh..
Boleh2 Insha Allah. Dah register lom?

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