Doha - Singapore - Sg. Petani - Munich - Istanbul

My running career has been chaotic since I changed job in May. A lot of plans had to be either cancelled or revised. First because I was not allowed to take any leave while on probation but now that I have confirmed, I am only able to schedule my leave by fitting into my teams leave plan. In the end I was left with early September and middle of November including the two Eids off course.

No matter how big running is to me, work still takes priority. I had to cancel Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne and the most difficult, New York. Nothing can stop me from running. I will run my own marathon if I have to. In the end I hope to conclude 2013 with 2 half marathon in September in Singapore, (SAFRA Army Half Marathon) and Sungai Petani, Malaysia (SP Half Marathon) in preparation for 2 Full marathons in Munich (October) and Istanbul (November).

Munich is the one I will focus on. My formal training under the supervision of my new coach, Sarah Whittington will only start after Ramadhan. At the moment I am only doing light conditioning and strengthening exercise. Well my body deserved some time off from training as well after 3 full marathons and 1 half since January.

I will start a new series of blog entries call Road to Munich 2013 soon. So stay tuned.

Sure can one lah


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