Malaysia's kings of marathon

I have mentioned in my previous entry on how I am planning to qualify for Boston Marathon HERE. While I am currently is on track for that, I have set another goal for myself. A lofty one, which is to be among the top marathon runners in Malaysia. Off course it will not happen overnight. I have set two years to work on this project. 

I want to be at the same league with the like of Shaharudin Hashim, Fabian @ Osmond Daimon, Lili Suhairi Ghazali and Jasni Khairil Jamaluddin. They are the reigning kings of marathon in Malaysia. 

I know talk is cheap. But nothing is impossible if you put your mind and soul into it. Yang penting usaha dan jangan putus asa. Take Jasni for example. He ran his first marathon in 2009 after started running in 2004. He did 3:27 in his virgin marathon. He never looked back and have since keep on training and improving. He clocked his first sub 3 hours last year at Standard Chartered KL Marathon in a time of 2:56:07, a massive 13 minutes improvement from the 2011 edition. What is most important is to believe and work work work.

Hail the kings of Malaysia's marathon runners. By the way, this result was from 2012 KL Marathon. Just imagine what can they achieve in a flat and cool races like Dubai or Gold Coast if they can do that in the hot humid and hilly KL.


victoire said…
Abg Sharm, I always believe you will always get what you want. I might meet u only once, but I know how your determination is in achieving your goals. How you managed to fit yourself back in your jeans.. That summarize your determination and the work towards that.. Keep going strong!
RaYzeef said…
i like your positive attitude bro.
it's all start with a dream, see you at SCKLM this September?
Khairi; thanks, that's sweet. skrg abg mantain je ramping. jeans tahun 2008 pun dah muat balik hahaha.

Ray: thanks. if you must know; u have inspired me in a way. i may not have what it takes to run 100 miles but i want to try my best for the std marathon distance. alang alang menyeluk pekasam
Matjoe said…
wa support lu bro. you can do it

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