Road to Munich 2013: 76 days to go

I am only doing light training during this fasting month of Ramadhan focussing of developing core strength. It is a welcoming choice considering how hot and humid Doha is now.  As for running, I am only run 5 km twice and a slow 10 km once a week. The target is not to add fitness but rather just to maintain it, since I still have large amount of miles kept in my muscle memory.

I don't have access to a gym since I moved to my new house, but I was assured by my coach that I don't really need a gym. I can still do strength training with lifting my own body weight and free weights. By the way, since a pro athlete like me, cough cough are always on the move, my training cannot be restricted to gym and machines. A gym is a luxury rather than a necessity.

Sure Can One Lah
First step of building my own gym.


Anonymous said…
oh! less than 80 days huh, I lost track of time. In this weather training is done indoor on a trademill, so dreadfull.
Well at least you have a treadmill. I dont. I hated the treadmill too.

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