InsyaALLAH if our second child is girl, we will name her CINTA AMANI. Cinta means Love in Malay and Amani means Hope in Arabic. It also means Peace in Swahili. We wanted to name her Cinta Emily but was advised to reconsider by many. Though has many good and beautiful meanings, Emily does not sound Islamic.  So hopefully our princess can be proud of her name as it is beautiful and meaningful.


yeen said…
Hehe.. sedap name..

Name saye pun takde maksud.. but i turn out to be a good muslim.. (i think).

Ignore je kate2 mereka yg tak suke, sebab tu I prefer not to reveal my baby's name until they are born. Sebab once you named a baby, people seldom will criticize, coz the name is already registered.. and takkan la sampai hati dah org nak kate ape2 hehe
whitelighter said…
TQ Yeen. Huhu.. tu lah maybe kitorg over excited nak dapat baby girl. Tapi memang marah lah bila orang dok menghina nama tu.. to us sama macam diorg mempersendakan Emily, walaupun dia belum lahir, but that is the name that we use whenever we talk to her at her mom's belly. Protective instinct kut.
drkherun said…
hadis kata bagi nama yg maksudnya baik. hadis tak kata beri nama dalam bahasa arab. islam bukan arab dan arab bukan islam.

Ibu Alfa Tochi Aliagha (Ribuan syukur padaNya)
(Alfa:Seribu dalam bahasa Arab; Tochi: Syukur padaNya dalam bahasa Igbo; Aliagha:Nama Keluarga)
Terharu baca entry ni..tak tahu sbb apa. Mungkin sbb abg akan dpt second baby. It's a bless abg!. Really.....
whitelighter said…
Wan: Thanks.. Alhamdullilah..

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