Apapa means aeroplane

Since we returned from our holiday in Malaysia, Zachary's vocabulary has multiplied by leaps and bounds. He also likes to repeat every word we said. So we have to watch our language. We do not want any incident like Greg Focker had with his nephew, little Jack in Meet The Fockers.

He also shows a lot of interests in vehicles or any mode of transportation especially aeroplane. Maybe because we took so many flights recently that he is almost addicted with aeroplanes. He would even sleep with our small Air Asia fridge magnet plane. So last week we bought one big A380 model to satisfy his addiction. And the plane's rudder broke off from the main fuselage on the second day.

He is also quite obsessed with lorries because he sees many of them at a big land dump site behind our house (an ugly view from our bedroom window unfortunately). He would wake up in the middle of the night and say 'Lollu lollu'. We had to assure him that the 'Lollus' were all asleep so must he.

Zachary's favourite vehicles are:
1. Apapa (Aeroplane)
2. Lollu (Lorry)
3. Bah (Bus)
4. Kah (Car)
5. Boat (Boat)
6. Betchka (Bicycle)
7. Vroom vroom (Motorbike)
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