Thank You 2011, Buon 2012

Thank you ALLAH for yet another great year. 2011 has generally been kind to me. I have been blessed with many happiness especially with the birth of my daughter Cinta Amani. There are many things to be grateful for in 2011 among others:

- Happy marriage
- Birth of Cinta
- We were blessed with good health
- Performing Umrah
- Quit smoking (though I still smoke socially but passed the addiction)
- Completed my Masters degree after 5 long years
- Zach turns 1 and getting smarter everyday
- Have a great boss, and the best of colleagues
- Have many good friends that I can rely on
- Hired Mariam as our full time maid and she is good
- Road trip UAE, Holy cities of Mekah and Madinah, Holidays in Malaysia and Singapore
- Ran Penang Bridge Half Marathon
- The list could goes on and on... THANK YOU

My main 2012 resolutions are:
1. A better Muslim InsyaALLAH
2. Cleared bad debts and enjoys financial freedom
3. Achieved pre-wedding weight and maintains a healthy lifestyle
4. Learn Arabic
5. Travel: New York, Lisbon
6. A better son to my mother, husband to my wife, father to my kids
7. Achieved outstanding rating of 3 in the Year End Assessment

2012 will be the best year yet.. INSYAALLAH


@xiM said…
happy new year 2012!!

may all of your dreams will come true..Insya Allah.

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