Langkawi '11 Episode 2: I love Fish by Zachary Andika

Langkawi 15 November 2011. I love fish. I fell in love with the marine life when papa took me to Dubai Aquarium last October. Since then, I always fascinated with the variety of underwater creatures and wonder how can they live in water without the fear of getting drown. Last November, I had another chance   to get up close and personal with these beautiful aquatic life at Underwater World, Langkawi. Our hotel was just next to the aquarium, so we just walked. We spent hours at the aquarium simply because there were so many fish and other marine creature housed there. The fish comes in many colours and shapes. Other marine creatures include jellyfish, prawns, snakes, eels, etc. But the most intriguing to me was the penguins. They were so funny and playful. Papa said penguins live in Antarctica, a frozen continent at the bottom of earth. I hope one day I can go there and see penguins in their natural habitat and see if I can keep my feet on the ground without falling out into the atmosphere because I will be standing upside down in Antarctica.

The playful penguins
The quiet penguins
This is what it looks like under the sea
A kind of Moray eel
I didn't know this kind of creature even exist
A Clown fish in its anemone house
Do jellyfish taste like jelly?
Fish.. lots of them, clown, rays, sharks, puffer, grouper, dragon,  I should've keep a log
Me in Antarctica one day


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