Move Move yalla yalla

Its so funny. This morning on the way to work at Duheil roundabout traffic light, a local bloke (I am assuming he is) driving a pick-up was honking a van full of workers from the Indian sub-continent to give way to him. The van driver was panicking and wasn't able to do anything as he was inch away from a concrete mixer truck in front. The guy in pick-up truck keep honking and giving the van driver hand signals to move.

I was laughing my heart out at the back. How can he be that hurmm what can say, that moronic for the lack of better words, demanding other road users to give way while the traffic light was red and the vehicles infront of him were bumper to bumper. Well it is common to hear people give you a horn the second the traffic light turns green even if you are seventh in line here in Qatar, but this bloke here is really unreal. To add to the already absurd scene, he even complaining about it to another local guy (again I am assuming) driving a Land Cruiser next to him on the left lane.

What can I say, wellcome to Qatar. Happy National Day.


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