Langkawi '11 Episode 1: I love the beach by Zachary Andika

I love the beach. Last November, Papa took us to Langkawi Island for holiday. I had 4 fun filled days there. We stayed at a cheap but fantastic resort called The Cabin at Cenang Beach. I had great time swimming (more like running and dipping) in the ocean. At first I was scared and worried that I will be swallowed by the waves but all the worry disappeared when I feel the sensation of the sand and sea water brought by waves on my feet. I also feel safe because papa was always by my side. I cannot wait for my baby sister, Cinta Amani to grow big as I am so we can have awesome time together at the beach. I am going to miss the beach when I get back to Qatar, because the water will be too cold during this time of the year.


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