Road to Munich 2013: 48 days to go - Easy Zone 1&2 HR

I will be super busy this week before my leave next week. I was also expected to stay back after work. So today I ran at 4.30 AM right after fajar prayer. It was a nice change. I haven't been running before work for more than a year. It was so refreshing and I was so energetic at work too.

My HR was stable and the run was enjoyable due to an improved weather than the weekend. I dont have much for the remaining of this week as I am already start tapering for my SAFRA Army Half Marathon next Sunday. I am just going to take it easy and cant wait to have a break from work.

Garmin Data here:

8 km zone 1&2 HR by Syafei at Garmin Connect - Details

Sure Can One Lah


Jieshi said…
Hi Syafei,

Have a good race this Sunday! Remember to arrive and enter the race pen early as it is usually very congested and crowded before race start. See u!

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