Road to Munich 2013: 70 days to go - LSD

It was my first run session in programme. The session requires me to run 10km at Zone 1 Heart Rate (152 bpm). It was impossible to stick to HR below 152 bpm let alone running exactly at that specified HR as my HR fluctuates easily. I had to run very slowly, I could be easily over taken by a grandma on walking frame should I run any slower. I had to walk at some point especially between km 2 and km 4 as my HR mysteriously shot up to 180, 190, 200s without any reason. I cannot understand how's that even possible as I did not increase my effort level or pace, and I did not feel any different. I managed to get my HR stable at some stretch and found my ideal pace to run in Zone 1 is around 6:40 min/km. My average HR for the session was 149 with maximum HR recorded at 214. Though I did not feel any signs of fatigue, I felt a little pain on my knee caps towards the end of the session but the pain was gone  as soon as I completed the run. I hope that's normal.

Here are the split: 6:19, 6:39, 9:11, 8:12, 6:39, 6:42, 6:44, 6:43, 7:02 and 8:19.  For some reason Strava did not record it correctly.

Run detail on Garmin Connect can be access here:

10km @ Zone 1 HR by Syafei at Garmin Connect - Details

I cant wait for the next run session and anxious to see if I can make any improvement on my Zone 1 pace.

Sure Can One lah


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