Road to Munich 2013: 72 Days to go - Circuit training

Today was my first day of official training for Munich. And what could be more harder than a high intensity circuit training, after a full day of fasting? After less than an hour of heavy feasting during iftar? It was also especially hard after enjoying 2 months of sedentary life. The circuit involved the following exercises:
  1. High arm jumping jacks
  2. Mountain climber
  3. Run and drop
  4. Full press up
  5. Skaters side
  6. Weighted squat
  7. Running man
  8. Jump lunge
  9. Burpees
  10. Spider lunge
  11. Side to side jump
  12. Plank dips
  13. Squat thrust
  14. Long extension
  15. Standing mountain climber
  16. Squat leap
  17. High knees run
  18. Russian twist
  19. 1 leg hop and balance
  20. Back lunge hold
  21.  and finishes off with some stretches. 

I felt great until about halfway into the session when that burpees really killed me off. It was all down hill from there onwards.

I even felt the food inside my tummy bouncing all over the place when I did the burpees. Then I had side stitch on high knees stationary run. That what happen when your body was asked to run at high gear while your digestive system still processing the food, like in my case less than an hour, and I had a lot (sebab tak bangun sahur).

I also felt a little dizzy towards the end, a sign of dehydration. and can you believe it for the first time I felt so sleepy after the 40 minutes session. I was yawning continuously.  But I believe this could only get easier when my body learns to cope with the exercise and when Ramadhan is over (not that Im complaining about Ramadhan, I am actually sad It will be over soon).

I will have a rest day tomorrow and will be running on Saturday. I am really looking forward to Saturday's run as I was asked to run at 152 HR through out. That could be a challenge. Until then, Cheerio.

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