Road to Munich 2013: 60 days to go - Interval

I did my first interval training for Munich this evening. The programme was 8km as 2 km in Zone 1, 4 x 1 km in Zone 3 (175 bpm) with 2 minutes recovery jog in between and 2 km zone 1 cool down.

Interval is my favourite among all the training as it provides me with the dose of speed that I have been craving for. However, this evening's programme only limits my speed within Zone 3 HR. It was like running with a hand brake engaged the whole time. It was not satisfying enough and I was still pretty relaxed when I concluded the training, but I know the training will get harder and harder as we progress to the race day before the tapering starts.

The weather was still hot and humid at 37 Celsius with 67% of humidity, and it affected my HR as I progressed through the session. The pace for my Zone 3 started with 3:42 and it slowed down to about 5:40 on my last split.

I was also working to improve my running form by trying to land my foot near the centre of gravity, high cadence and focussing on my posture by thinking tall while keeping my core tight during the run.  

Here the summary of the session:

Split Avg Pace Best Pace  Avg HR  Max HR  Avg Cadence

1. 4:24 3:42 170 178 190

 2.   4:56      4:04       175     182     186

3. 5:08 4:03 175 179 182

4. 5:28 4:47 174 181 180

Garmin data here:

Interval @ QSC by Syafei at Garmin Connect - Details

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