Road to Munich 2013: 53 days to go - Interval

I had a great interval session at Aspire Dome this evening. It was my first time running at the indoor track, but with the sweltering heat and humidity now plus I am training by HR rather than pace, I thought I give it a try. I made a right decision. My HR was so stable and I had a consistence HR, pace, cadence pattern through out the session.

My programme was 8km (2 km Zone 1, 3 x 1 km Zone 3 with 2 mins jog at Zone 1 in between + 1 km Zone 4 and finish off with 2km cool down Zone 1). I got too carried away with the training and surprised on how easy it felt. I even had great time running in group, chatting and joking with Karl, Shawn, Paul, Tobias and JC. They called me a little pacemaker every time I took the lead after my 2 minutes recovery. Then they played chasing the rabbit game with me, I had to tell them that I was actually training. I lost count of my fast lap and ran an extra fast lap. I was waiting for the alert from my watch when I ran the last fast lap at Zone 4, but it did not went off. I was wondering why a kilometre took so long, Only the I realised that my workout has finished and I was supposed to cool down for 2km.

Top Left Clockwise: With Paul Smith and Tobias, With Karl Street the founder of DBRC,  Shawn Deleu and Jean Claude two of our fastest marathon runners the winner of Muscat and Bahrain Marathons respectively, Aspire Dome Indoor Track, Shawn said I have a nice controlled stride and he never noticed it before.
I am a convert now. I cannot fathom what took me so long to come here for interval session during the summer months. It worth the one hour drive across town.

Here how it went:

Split Distance Avg Pace  Best Pace  Avg HR  Avg Cadence
1 1.00 4:41 4:18 170 190
2 1.00 4:47 4:17 173 188
3 1.00 4:40 3:57 173 190
4 1.00 4:40 3:57 174 190
5 1.85 4:23 3:30 180 190
Garmin Detail here:

Interval @ Aspire by Syafei at Garmin Connect - Details

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