Road to Munich 2013: 55 days to go - Slow Tempo

My HR monitor works perfectly fine this evening. No spikes of 200+ bpm of sort. But my HR did affected greatly by the humidity. It was 37 Celsius with 70% humidity at 8 pm and it felt like 49 degree. The programme was 10km pyramid (3km Zone 1, 1.5km Zone 2, 2km Zone 3, 1.5km Zone 2, 2km Zone 1). At the end I had to slow jog and walked intermittently to be in Zone 2 and just mostly walked to be in Zone 1. But I was pleased with my training. My HR graph does look like a pyramid.

I sweated profusely, I have never been so drenched. Now I understand why some of my friends prefer to run on 'dreadmill' in this weather.

Garmin Data here:

10km tempo by Syafei at Garmin Connect - Details

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